As a PI/experimenter who has been awarded time to conduct an experiment at BioCAT, you are responsible for filling out and submitting all of the Safety Paperwork for your experiment at least 2-full weeks before your experiment is set to begin.

The ESAF (Experiment Safety Assessment Form) is the primary piece of paperwork that the APS uses to verify the safety envelope of your experiment, and so it needs to be completed and submitted well ahead of your experimental start date.

The PI is also responsible for notifying their staff who will be visiting BioCAT to take all of the core Safety Courses required by the Argonne/APS Safety Oversight Committee. There are times when the Users have difficulty, for one reason or another, accessing the APS Safety Courses Web Portal. In cases like this, you may take them when you arrive at the APS/BioCAT, but do understand that this will delay the participation of those people not fully trained and could delay the start of your experiment.

It is the responsibility of the PI/Spokesperson to see that these items are done. Although, they may delegate the responsibility to a member of their staff.

Please email the BioCAT Safety Officer if you have any questions regarding the ESAF or APS Safety Training.

Some important things to note/commonly confused items:

  • Descriptions must be detailed and complete for the ‘Description’ and ‘Lab Use’ tabs of the ESAF.
  • You must declare any electrical equipment that you will be bringing to the APS as part of the proposed experiment. On the ‘Equipment Tab’ of the ESAF click ‘Bringing to APS’ and Electrical if this applies to you.
  • If you are a mail-in User for SAXS, you cannot select yourself as the OS (On-site Spokesperson). You must add Srinivas Chakravarthy to your ESAF as an experimenter and make him the OS.
  • On the ‘Materials Tab’ near the bottom-half of the web-page there is the question ‘Will you require to use beamline laboratory facilities to prepare samples or perform other work ?’ click ‘Yes” if you intend on using our Wet-Lab to prepare your samples. A ‘Lab Use’ tab will then be generated, which should be filled out.
  • If you intend on bringing anyone from a foreign country to the APS you must begin the User application process 6 weeks in advance to make a time allowance for the Security Background Checks/Approvals needed, if they are not currently an active User at the APS.
  • Please verify the completeness of your data before hitting the ‘Submit’ Button.