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Unravelling the role of a “nebulous” protein

Nebulin is a protein important to muscle strength, as mutations can cause the muscles in patients with nemaline myopathy disease to be weak, little is known about how it works. Researchers investigated the function of Nebulin in mice and found that it is necessary for generating physiological levels of force.

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Structure of the Human Estrogen Receptor

Researchers obtain new structural insights into human estrogen receptor α, which plays a critical role in cell growth and cancer metastasis

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A Super-relaxed Myosin State to Offset Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Researchers investigated the stabilizing action of mavacamten, a cardiac drug currently in phase 3 clinical trials, on the ß-cardiac myosin super-relaxed state and its possible therapeutic effects on HCM.

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Register now for ‘Everything BioSAXS’ workshop

BioCAT is running our annual BioSAXS workshop from November 5th to 8th. Registration is now open!

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MuscleX Workshop Wrap-Up

The MuscleX workshop was a great success with 63 registered attendees!

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BioCAT user Joshua Riback wins Rosland Franklin Investigator Award

Joshua Riback, a BioCAT user in his fifth year of graduate studies at the University of Chicago, was recognized for his work using SEC-SAXS at BioCAT to study biophysical interactions.

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